Do you wish discover my best tips for instagram visibility ?

1 to add a line break to your instagram biography, all you have to do is: write your dream/ideal description in a notepad or any other application that allows you to leave content, add emoticons and make line breaks (attention: limit of 150 characters with spaces).

2 3d effect on story texts although technically there is no 3d effect on story texts, you can simulate it so well that it looks as real as it is. First of all, click on the icon of our favorite drawing pencil. Write the name (or phrase) you want in one of the fonts provided. Choose a color and place the publication where it should be placed.

3 finding the right alignment for your biography there are different standards out of the box your instagram biography, and having the right alignment or spacing can make all the difference. It may take several tests to get it right, but the results will be truly original!

4 – publish gifs on instagram gifs are fun and viral texts that can optimize the scope of a dedicated article. They take the form of very short sequences (a few seconds at the most) with the red line to illustrate an emotion, an idea or a comment. One of the most popular instagram subterfuges is to integrate animated gifs into publications to increase their visibility and the commitment of professionals.

5 personalize your profile when you add your photo, you can complete your profile with any type of information: your nickname, your description or add a link (from your website, facebook or snapchat).

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