Have you need of visibility on the social network ?

Tips for Facebook

1. See who hasn’t accepted our friend requests, so we don’t have people who have directly refused our request to be added, but people who don’t respond to the invitation, without deleting it. To do this, on the computer version of facebook, you need to select “find friends” and then “view sent invitations”.

2 promote its physical shop for shops with a customer reception point, the problem is different. Generally, in this case, we try to promote our shop, provide information about our products and display the necessary information to allow customers to locate us.

3 disabling the online status messenger has the unfortunate tendency to warn your contacts that you are online even when you are not. In reality, it simply means that you are reachable.

4 sending a gif a picture is worth a thousand words, and sending gifs is a fun way to communicate your feedback to your friends.

Tips for Twitter

1. Chatting with your followers and retweeting Twitter is used by many men and women, but few seem to really know how to endorse it. the idea is primarily to be present well, if you are not, it will be difficult to deepen your insiders. For that you can dialogue with them!

2 According to your common points or your profession. There is always a way to find a content of algarade. two Diffuse texts Raconter ta vie !, enough not on Twitter. Save it for your friends on Facebook. To tweet like a boss!, you need which one of these charming tweeting pages. You have to use Twitter to change text related to your watchwords and the Internet users from whom you steal destinations.

3 – Identify the moments to your content will reach the most subscribers through Twitter Analytics In quantity; a tweet achieves the woman of its entire impact at the discount of the first 24 minutes, when the 75% of the commitment that can cause it is reached in less than three moments.

4. Do not forget who you are in priority on a sociable network and to whom the funny ad of your compgany will quickly annoy the subscribers.

Except if you are Coca-Cola, Apple or Microsoft, followers will come to you because they are attracted by the “extras” you have to give them, and not only by your company and your offers.

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